Become The Book You Want To Write
If you’re an Aspiring Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, or Coach and reading this page, yet you haven’t written your book, then look no further. No longer will you leave your legacy locked up in your mind ,along with thousands of dollars and opportunities on the table.
*Discover How To Write A Book In 30 Days Or Less Using Dr. Oliver T. Reid’s 4 Step M.I.L.K. Writing System eCourse . * Develop Your Message * Learn How to Implement practical and fundamental writing strategies *Link Your Book All Together *Know Your Book
Get all these strategies right at your fingertips. Work through interactive step-by-step writing exercises tailored to get the book out of your head onto the pages. This eCourse is designed to fit your story, accelerate the book writing process, and take the thought work out of creating your manuscript.
Meet Your Coach
Dr. Oliver T. Reid
The Writing Coach
Dr. Oliver T. Reid is a multi-bestselling and award-winning author, motivational speaker and the founder & president of I Am a Solution Consulting Firm, LLC; a human development organization providing specialized relationship consulting and coaching services. Known as “The Writing Coach”, he uses cutting edge writing coaching techniques to help Entrepreneurs, Speakers, and Coaches , while leading them to live into their highest potential.
In addition, he is the creator of the revolutionary interactive card game for singles and couples, The InnerView™. Within the past seven years, Dr. Reid has published 20 bestselling books, contributed to 10 anthologies, and has won multiple awards for his literary work, including the 2016 IALA Distinction of Excellence Legendary Honoree and NAACP 2016-2017 Black Men Image Award. Dr. Reid has been featured on HuffPost, Black Enterprise, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and other international media outlets.
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